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In The Deep Shade is a feature length film about The Frames.

Filmmaker Conor Masterson worked closely with the band over 18 months, beginning on their 20th anniversary tour in 2010.

'The Frames have always been very positive collaborators. I felt this was an opportunity to make a film that could explore their creativity as people and musicians as well as capturing some of their very dynamic and exciting live performances in close up.'

The film is for sale on DVD from The Frames' website or iTunes.

'In the Deep Shade' is currently showing at selected venues worldwide...

19-25 April 2013 ~ Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin, Ireland

24 April 2013 ~ Art Theatre Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

24 April 2013 ~ Laemmle Monica 4-plex, Santa Monica, CA

27 April 2013 ~ Queens Film Theatre, Belfast, Northern Ireland

30 April 2013 ~ Actor's Studio Cinema, Brussels, Belgium

02 May 2013 ~ Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR

03 May 2013 ~ De Unie, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Conor Masterson's film In the Deep Shade is not a definitive career-spanning documentary of The Frames. Nor is it a fly-on-the-wall expose or an us-against-the-world hero saga. It is, simply put, a stark portrait of an extraordinary band, filmed during their 20th anniversary tour.

Available to buy online: